Thursday, November 5

Garden and the kitty cats (pics included)

Didn’t take me all day this time, just all afternoon, and boy am I beat. Me does believe that I am finished with “the garden” clean-up. Everything’s put in it’s place and the place is presentable (mostly from passersby), but still.

This is what it looked like before I got totally into it


This is the final look
The fencing stored in the wood shed
Tire planters put in the other shed with older tires that were planters
This wood was a smallish weed snuffing attempt that really didn’t work vey well. Eventually I’ll most likely build a compost bin… later!


Because our DD is so damn considerate and wouldn’t believe in putting the cats off of her chair, she let them be and used the end-table to do her computer work. LOL.


Bequi said...

How nice to see a little glimpse into your life (and yard!).

Todd said...

Sure thing, thanks for noticing.

Gladgrower said...

Looks great, Todd......i hope it inspires me, too! My garden looks like a wreck - much to do. I will copy YOU :)
Take care, Cousin of the Porch

Todd said...

Hope 'the inspiration' hits you well and much is accomplished :-)