Friday, October 24

My day and pictures too

          Looky here, another post from the Rambleman; 2 within as many days. Amazing! This one is not going to be nearly as long as the last one though. In fact it’s going to be mostly of pictures that I’ve taken over the last few days. Not that you with truly “high-speed” Internet will notice, but it’ll take me a little bit go get all 4 of them posted, as *my* connection is as slow, if not slower, than the ancient dial-up speeds. Why? Because I’m using my smart-phone to connect through my provider, and it’s sometimes 3G, but sometimes only 1G- slow. I don’t even know what the actual “speed” is as it takes a really long time to check using the speedtest site.
 This is the cat-tree that was given to us a couple of weeks ago that our cat doesn't use, so I've sat it out on the front porch for any cats that want to use it when they wander over to visit, if they want to.
 Just some pretty clouds a few days ago.
 Took this yesterday. Mostly just wanted to see how a picture of the sun would turn out.

This is one of the 2 porch-plants that I've been nurturing for a few of months. Not sure if I should bring them in this winter, or let them "sleep", or what exactly I'll do with them.

            My day went pretty well; not terribly exciting, but then none of my days usually are. Got up this morning, took a shower, had a peanut butter sandwich and headed to my thrice weekly exercise class at The Y. After that I came home and read some email on the computer, looked through a few posts on Facebook, MyMSteam and did my not-as-regular-as-it-should-be workout on Lumosity. Later I read a little, but didn’t even finish the short story because I got really sleepy and took a 30 minute nap on the sofa. After that I ran (drove, but you probably assumed that) to 7-11, then came home and messed around until now. Well, we did run to the grocery store not long ago and got a few things.


They are not aware said...

Nice pictures. The one of the sun turned out pretty good. It would have been better if there were no power lines in it. Curse of the modern world.

Forever Engaged said...

I do almost everything with my phone, too.
What kind of things do you read? I am stuck on a painfully boring book. :(

Todd said...

for the last month I've been reading murder mysteries I guess you would call general I don't really have much preference I pretty much read whatever I have on hand. When I go to the library I just pick a book that looks interesting and checked it out and bring it home.