Wednesday, October 29


Yesterday was a pretty good day, despite worrying the night/morning before of running out of gas and having to leave the car sitting on the side of the road. Obviously that didn’t happen, but the anxiety of the possibility wasn’t any fun. I was worried about it because the gas in the car was all I thought I would be able to afford until pay day, which normally isn’t until the first of the month. Anyway, luckily I had a couple of small-amount (less than $10 total) to deposit. Fortunately, with that deposit I knew that I’d then have over $10 and would be able to get about 4 gallons of gas; which was enough to get us the 50 miles back home. I had an appointment with a place that made an AFO (brace) to help me walk better (I have drop-foot).  It’s only been almost 2 days with it, and I haven’t really walked a lot, and that means I’m still learning to use it. The idea is that eventually I’ll be able to walk fairly normal, but lifting my leg to swing it ‘normal’ means retraining my knee and hip into a regular gait. I’m hopeful.
          While I was in the big city, since it was only 1 day prior to my oldest daughter’s birthday, and I had told her that we would be stopping over to visit while in the city, we stopped at her and her boyfriend’s place. They ordered a couple of pizzas. Her boyfriend and I went & picked them up and we all proceeded to eat them. Colas and water were served as well. Talk, television, and playing with their cat were also activities that were partook in.
          I want to also mention that we had also planned on picking up a digital converter box from friends, which we did. Today I hooked it up and we once again have television. We are able to get ABC, so hopefully that station will show NFL football on Sunday.


They are not aware said...

I hate to tell you this, ABC has no pro ball on it this year. CBS has it all day Sunday and NBC has the Sunday night games and the Superbowl. There are a couple Thursday night games on NBC, a lot of them on CBS and a big handful only on the NFL network.
I know you don't have an outdoor antenna but do you have an indoor one? You should be able to pick up more than just one station in your area.

Todd said...

the antenna I have hooked up to the converter box is the indoor antenna. I'll play with it a little bit tomorrow and see if I can get some other stations to come in.thanks for the heads up.