Thursday, January 8


I know you didn’t know this, so I’m going to tell you now. For the last couple of weeks I’ve been thinking, “I’ve been watching too much TV have a book that was given to me on Yule that it would be an honorable thing to do by reading.” Being the procrastinator that I am, I haven’t started reading it yet. However, it appears that The Universe has decided that now is the time to do that. How did it send this message, you may be wondering. Or you may not, but like I said, I will tell you. After I returned home from dropping my son off at class this morning I pushed the [on] button on top of the television then went and sat on the sofa. A couple of minutes later I noticed that the TV wasn’t on. No big deal. Sometimes I hadn’t pushed the button hard enough and it hadn’t. So I went and pushed the button again, making sure that the light that says it’s on comes on and sit down again. Another couple of minutes pass and it’s still not on. Thinking that maybe it just needs to warm up a little beforehand, I practice patience. That was to no avail. It appears as though our TV has decided that today is THE day to stop working.
          In other news, it was the coldest morning that we’ve had this winter where we are. It dropped to a chilly 20 degrees Fahrenheit this morning (outside). Now I *know* that a *lot* of places were *much* colder, but for us it was *really* cold. The outdoor temperature is really not a big deal in and of itself. It was that it got down to 55* F. inside that was uncomfortable, and that was with an oil filled, ribbed heater being on all night on high. Thankfully I did sleep [pretty well, despite its most likely getting a little cooler in my bedroom with only the utility heater running (my oil-filled heater quit a couple of weeks ago). But I do have 4 blankets (though 2 are pretty light) on my bed, plus I was wearing a long sleeve shirt, a pullover, and fingerless mittens. When I first went to bed I had on my stocking hat. I decided that was a bit much, so I took that off. I do admit to sleeping with it on a week or so ago though. I also had my calf-high socks on. I don’t know what’s happened to me. I didn’t used to be such a cold-temperature wimp. But now I literally *hate* being cold and will do almost anything to avoid getting that way. It’s rather ironic, because if I get overheated I also become uncomfortable, have *zero* energy and just want to sleep. Right now I’m sitting at the computer with the aforementioned shirt, pullover and fingerless mittens on, but I’ve also got on a down-filled coat and stocking hat on. Sigh! Just Sigh!
          Before I started writing, I decided that I had to do something, I went and brought the recycle bin from the curb and put it just outside the front door. I’ve also walked around the living room chair several times in order to warm-up a little more. I also realized (well, I knew, but…) that I have no jumping ability anymore. I tried to jump up and touch the ceiling… nope, no can do. Oh well, it was something to do. One doesn’t realize how addicted one is to television until one doesn’t have one. Ya know? Yeah, yeah, yeah, I understand that for a lot of people it’s not a big deal because they don’t watch it much (if at all) anyway. Actually, I know what that’s like because up until about a month or 2 or 3 ago (?), we weren’t able to get any reception and therefore didn’t watch it either. Read several books when without it. I wonder if my depression will lessen by reading more. Hell, I might even give learning to crochet another try. I’m sure that’ll make at one person I know happy (you know who you are. Lol).
          What else? I’m still trying to decide if we should stop and get gas in the car on the way home. I could get it at one place for $1.76.9/gal, or at 7-11 for $1.79.9/gal and then get a cup of coffee. I could get coffee at the place with less expensive gas, but they don’t have hot-cup holders. Funny how the little things make a difference, eh? Wish I could keep that in my mind for other aspects of life.
          Well, it’s time to drive 20 minutes to where my son takes his class, and then once he’s in the car, head back here, deciding whether or not to get gas and coffee or not. Thanks for reading my blathering.
          BTW: It’s all the way up to 61*F in the living room now. Woot!


Brenda Nolen said...

Almost sounds like menopause! lol I understand how you are feeling. While I do not technically watch tv, I do, since it is my computer monitor. I'd probably start tearing out walls if I didn't have my computer! :)

Todd said...

It would not surprise me much at all, if a man could have menapause. Once I get back into reading, being w/o a TV won't be a big deal. I was however trying to figure out how to get Netflix w/o a high-speed, always have n connection. Granted I could still get it if I got that connection. Thus far my phone has been fast enough, even when using it to connect the p.c. Decisions, decisions.