Friday, March 6

Cold, Shower, Exercise, Phone and Internet

    Hi, hope this finds you doing well. Well, it was cold this morning. The forecasted low was to be 21 degrees Fahrenheit. Don't know if it actually got that cold, but I am assuming it did because I think that both of the utility heaters ran all morning long. God I hope that the help we get to pay our utility bill is a big help. I know it'd be hard to afford another $300+ bill this month. Obviously we'd have to, but that would mean a couple of companies would not be happy. Actually I'm sure a few are already not happy only getting $5/month instead of the full amount owed, but oh well.
    Despite it being cold, I still managed to drag myself out of bed and take a shower. I was taking showers the evening before I figured I needed to, but have decided I'm more motivated to actually get out of bed if I know I need to take a shower. Besides, it's wakes me up better than sitting and sipping on a hot cup of tea.
    I also managed to get myself to my thrice a week exercise class. It went okay, despite being the only male to be there, and having to sit inside the outer circle because there wasn't room for another chair. Ah well, it was alright. 
(my new phone, a Prelude-2)
    Came home and played on my phone; reading posts on myMSteam, Facebook and email. When I got tired of doing that I laid down and was going to take a quick nap, but my phone rang. I sat up on the sofa to answer it and promptly hung up on whoever called. Since the # was saved on my phone, I just called back and talked to him. It was the man who installed the modem for our Internet service. He just wanted to know if I'd be home, and of course I said yes. We now have Internet service. So once again we can watch videos and talk on Skype with video.

(our new to us cable-modem)


Lee said...

You are braver than I Todd. I am just incapable of morning showers when it is cold!

Todd said...

No doubt our bathroom is smaller than yours, so the steam from a 20 minute shower warms it up pretty well. As long as I get dressed fairly quickly, it's not too bad.

Forever Engaged said...

I prefer to shower at night. With all the bodily fluids flying around my house this past week, it just seems easier. Plus, I like to be clean before getting in my bed. In the summer, when I use white sheets you can tell who goes to bed clean because my side is always still white and the other is *ahem* shall I say NOT!

Forever Engaged said...

Congrats on your new phone by the way!!!

Todd said...

Showering at night before was something I tried for basically the same reason as you. But I caught myself not wanting (and not doing) to get out of bed. The morning shower wakes me up and gives me incentive not to go back to bed.

Thanks for the congrats on the phone. If I could figure out how to answer it without hanging up, that would be cool.