Monday, March 9


    So here I sit with the heater going because I was cold earlier. But now that I've put my pullover and jacket on, eaten, read from a couple of sites on the computer, I'm warm. Guess I should probably turn the heater off, huh? Alrighty, the thermostat knob has been turned down. Hopefully the heater won't kick on again for a while. I was freezing earlier, and it was a little over 70 degrees in here. Sigh. Anyway, I heard someone say at the exercise class this morning that it's supposed to get up to 70 degrees (Fahrenheit) by this Wednesday. That'll be nice. I'm just so tired of gray. I still plan on going to the hardware store and looking for natural-light bulbs to help simulate the effects of sunshine when I'm inside the house. I'm hoping that will help with the probable affliction of SAD (seasonal effected disorder).

    Browsed through a few of my earlier blogs looking for when I wrote that I hadn't even used the mop that I had bought to do the kitchen floor in over 4 months (wanted to add a link to it), but alas I couldn't find it. No matter, all I want to say it that I did finally use it last week. The kitchen floor has now been mopped. It doesn't look any different. At least it's cleaner, though I still probably wouldn't eat any food that's been laying on it for any length of time over the 5 second rule. OK, so that's a myth, but I've never been one who's a germophobe, so I don't really care. The "it's just a rental" reason was NOT the reason for not doing it. My reason was because we rarely get visitors. Now that I think about it, that's really nobody's fault but my own. I should invite more people over. The truth of the matter is that I suck at making friends whom I could invite to visit. I just remembered that I did decide shortly after mopping that I will clean the rest of the kitchen, eventually. I need to wash the cabinet doors. I suppose I could wash the windows as well.

    Enough of that. Too depressing. Yesterday was a good day. Although I spent all day in the house because it was cold and cloudy, it was still good. I had access to, and used the computer all day. I got to watch videos. I got to be on my support site and FB. Even added several friends from my "team" on my support site as friends on FB. Now I get to 'see' them twice as much.

    That's pretty much all I've got. If you've read this far down the page, thank you. I hope you'll stop by for the next episode of "So THIS is Todd's life?" ROFL!!

    Addendum: Just read a post from a friend on FB about there being someone, somewhere, poisoning dog treats and leaving them laying around for pets to eat. Another one of my friends commented that she has trained her service dog not to blindly accept and eat treats from strangers. I think that's a brilliant thing to train into pets and service animals. Anyway, that reminded me that I want to visit the MS Society's web page and see if they help find and/or finance getting service dogs for those of us with MS. I'm thinking that one might be helpful as a companion to relieve some of my depression.


Lee said...

I think the natural light bulbs can really help Todd. Let me know how they are for you.

Todd said...

I will definitely let you know if they help. Thanks for caring. *hugs*

Forever Engaged said...

Years ago, I found a bleach tablet in my yard. As if someone had thrown it in there hoping my dog would eat it. Thankfully, he didn't. People are cruel. My current pooch is quite picky. She often snubs treats from strangers. Anyway, I rarely have guests either. I likes my privacy! I'm glad you mopped your floor though, I like to mop. I got the shark steam mop and lordy! You'd be surprised what is on your floor. I swear mine LOOKS clean, but then I mop and look at the pad and it is disgusting! Plus, supposedly the steam is sanitizing which makes my germophobia happy! I'm interested to see how the light bulbs work for you as well because I have suffered from SAD for a long time.

Todd said...

Still haven't found any. Granted I haven't looked real hard online.