Sunday, March 29


    It has been a few (weeks?) since I've updated my blog. Just thought I'd point that out if you weren't paying attention. LOL. Anyway, I guess I can tell you, or re-tell some of you that I have started taking a Yoga class at our YMCA. I have only been to two classes so far. The main reasons for starting that is to hopefully get my balance to improve, another is to stretch and strengthen my leg muscles, especially my left thigh muscle. I am hoping for the latter especially, to either stop the foot-drop from happening, or at least improve my walking by being able to raise my foot higher off the ground. That way, the brace, also referred to an AFO (Ankle Foot Orthotic), will be more beneficial to my gait.

    Let's see… what else is new? Not a hell of a lot to be honest. I'm having a difficult time deciding what to write. I don't want to share too much information with the public. Then again, I hear that any and everything that goes out electronically, either via email, video, or a blog, can be seen by pretty much anyone who wants to snoop bad enough. That doesn't mean we should make it easy though, right?

Anyway, I do believe that spring has sprung here in TX. Am I enjoying it? Only a little. I'm really hoping that my electric bill will go down to less than $250-$300 a month, which it has been the last couple/few month, that greatly impacts our money that could be spent on groceries. I'd probably enjoy Spring more if I was better able to tolerate heat. Even with a cooling jacket on, I can't be outside in heat that is much over 80-90 degrees Fahrenheit for very long. I fucking hate MS (multiple sclerosis). I have decided to try something different when running the air conditioner. Prior to this year I was setting it on "energy saver" mode, so that it would go off completely (well, almost) when it reached a certain temperature in the living room (it's a window unit). However, it wasn't being very efficient, meaning that it (the AC) would allow the room temperature to get to 80*F, or a little above even with the setting being on 75*F. So this year I am leaving it on "cool", still set at 75, but it'll go into 'fan mode' when the temp. gets to the set temp. I don't know if that'll save any money or not, but I get sleepy and lose all my energy when it gets to almost 80 in here. Besides, if I can (barely) pay the heating bills of almost $300, I should be able to wrangle less than that for a cooling bill.


Forever Engaged said...

Ouch! That's a whopper of a heating bill! And yoga is great! I hope it helps you.

Todd said...

It was a big heating bill, and i ended up not getting help paying it :( i did get ahold of the place that helps, and they're going to help with the next bill though. The Yoga is very relaxing at least. If nothing else, it's good for stress reduction. :)