Wednesday, May 27

Eastern sky, doctors, Begonias

Front Yard Clouds

We were just hangin' out on the porch yesterday when I thought to bring the camera out to possibly get another hummingbird photo. However, I looked up at the eastern sky and saw this setting, so I took a picture of it. Was a little surprised that it turned out so well because the camera batteries are really low, but it did. YAY!
Was at the doctor yesterday to have another spot near my other ear looked at. She thought it was probably the beginning of a skin-cancer spot like I had on the other side, and that her husband has gotten on each side. Since it wasn't bothering me she froze it and said it would fall off in a few days. No biggie.
As you know I suffer much unpleasantness in the summer due to the heat and our crappy window ac barely keeps the house below 85-80 degrees Fahrenheit. So thinking that we definitely been a higher BTU conditioner that we can't afford, I contacted the MSSociety, the Missouri Division. They sent me a financial aid application for the money to get a good air conditioner. It's all filled out waiting to be sent, but we're waiting for a doctor's note saying I have been diagnosed with MS, before they'll even consider helping. Called the doctor/neurologist this afternoon and asked his nurse to ask him to send me one. Pretty sure he will, so now we just wait. Wish us luck!

Porch Begonia==

Rain got a few tomato plants planted, a pepper plant planted, and her Begonia plant in the planter hung out on the porch to show-off it yellow beauty. Which segues into my saying that I put up six more hooks installed around the porch for more beautiful plants that she decides to put out.


Lee said...

Hope you are able to get a better a/c to insure your comfort asap. I am the opposite and uncomfortable in a/c because I have Reynauds! LOL I love the begonia; they are some of my fave plants.

Rambleman said...

Thanks, Lee. Whatever happens I will survive. I actually like the heat, but my body disagrees.

lovelife said...

I hope you can get help with an AC and help with the bill for running it.
Mo sure can get hot at times