Friday, May 8

SW MO severe storm results

As some of you may know already, a pretty intense storm went through Dallas and Laclede counties this morning with *heavy* rain and *strong* wind, which knocked over many, many trees in our area of Dallas county anyway. We drove into Buffalo because we had been without power since around 8:30 this morning, so we thought we'd just go to McDonald's for supper. Unfortunately, Buffalo, which is 14 miles from us was out of power as well. Except for the Woods grocery store which apparently had a backup generator or some other energy source, so we stopped there and got some chips, m&m's, and sodas. We figured those would tide us over until supper time if the power didn't come on till then, and we could just use the propane camping stove. Fortunately, the power did come on around 5 p.m, so we can cook an actual meal. Anyway, there was also a lot of flooding, but we didn't get any damage from that, but the wind did some damage to a couple of Poplar trees and the Weeping Willow got blown over.

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This is what it looked like last year

This is after this morning's storm..

And these are the tops of the Poplar trees that got blown off.




Lee said...

Wow! I am glad you are all okay! Some of those pics look like the storm damage was close to your house.

Tracy said...

What a shame about the trees, but glad y'all are OK!!! I've been following your blog, though I haven't been on the email group in a while. Bit of real life intruding, but all is mostly well... convey my wishes, if you would, to those who might remember...

Rambleman said...

Lee, the willow tree that fell over is in our back yard about 100 yards from the house. The Poplar trees: one is about 25 feet from the house and the other about 50. So yeah, fairly close.

Tracy, I will post to the group that you say hi and are doing well. Thanks for the comment. :-)

lovelife said...

That wind was bad even at our place in Springfield. we just had limbs down but next door had 2 big old pine trees fall just glad it went down the other way. Or the trees would of hot my van and took out Storms fence

Whimspiration said...

Glad you all are okay! *hug*

Have a great Mother's day!

Rambleman said...

Lovelife: Glad your van didn't get squished.

Whimspiration: Hope you have a great Mother's day too!