Tuesday, May 5

What to write and things we've done

Was just thinking back to when I actually tried to post to my blog several times a week. Actually, there was a time several years ago when I posted every day. A few months ago I decided that I wouldn't post anything that could even remotely be construed as whining. I used to write about my 'issues', which were usually caused by depression/depressive thoughts. Still have them, just don't talk about them publicly anymore. Had decided that nobody wants to read about depressive/negative things all the time. Anyway, what I was thinking about today was that since that decision, I don't have much to write about if it's not "bad news". Guess that's why the news in newspapers, television, radio, and wherever seem to always be talking about the negative stuff. It appears that I'm no different.
That being said, I do have a slightly happy/amusing thing to say.Yesterday we got a free farm magazine that was addressed to "FringeFolkFarm". So it's official, I think, that we're a farm, even though we have no farm animals. Nor do we have a garden. Just because of the name of our business "they" are assuming we're a "farm". That means, to me anyway, that it's appropriate for my Gather-name to be FringeFolk(UN)farm. LOL.
Today I spent a few hours mowing, using the riding mower of course. Sprayed some weed killing stuff on the garden spot's weeds, around the pool. The teens moved the rocks they put in the wagon yesterday that were around the outside of the garden fence, into the overhang next to the house today. Rain pulled a few weeds so that she can eventually start a garden.
Now we need to get the plugs and stuff put in their spots on the pool's water pump so that the pool water can be moved and filtered again. So by the time the weather is warm enough and has warmed the pool water up enough, we can go swimming again. Ah, the work seems to never end. That's okay though, keeps us from getting TOO bored. Actually, we're *rarely* bored because of so much that can be done on any given day. *smile* Rock on everyone!


Lee said...

You know, I never have time to get bored either! Sounds like a really productive day!

Rambleman said...

It actually was, huh? Mowed just in time too, it's now raining :-)

lovelife said...

As a kid if we told our dad we were bored we had to go pick up rocks or cut thissels so as a 38 year old I think about that alot when I find my self looking for stuff to do lol
not that with 12 breeding lovebirds I have time to look for stuff to do lol

Rambleman said...

Lovelife, I think your father was wise. *grin* Our kids (teens) very rarely claim boredom out loud because we *will* find something for them to do. LOL