Friday, May 22

Pool and stuff

Ugly tank repair

I applied some fiberglass to the side of the pool's sand filter yesterday in order to *really* fix the leak I tried to fix last week (maybe earlier this week, not sure). Previous attempt was with some stuff gotten from the store called "PermaPoxy". It's like clay that you mold over the leak area and then let it dry for a while, they say 5 minutes. I did it wrong though in that I tried applying it to the tank that was a little wet. I didn't think would a problem because the stuff allegedly worked under water, but it didn't. So yesterday I got out my can of fiberglass resin, hardener additive in a tube, a couple pieces of fiberglass, and put them on the tank. I checked it today and it's *probably* dry, but since I don't have enough vinegar and bleach to really clean the pool until payday after next week, there's no hurry. If that doesn't work, and I believe it will, I'll have to try again since we can't afford over 300 dollars for a new tank. Although I have thought about asking for one on Freecycle, but haven't.
Other than that, we've just been playing "Fit" and "Sports" on the Wii. Plus the usual tv and errands back and forth the Buffalo and Lebanon.
I somehow managed to get an infection from the use of a catheter twice a day for the last few weeks, so I haven't been feeling great the last few days. In fact I've had a headache off and on for 2-3 days now. Also had some back pain (kidneys?) and bladder pain (caused by a bad reaction to Detrol LA, which I stopped taking since Sunday night) to go with the headache. The headache might also be being caused a little by caffeine withdrawal because I decided not to drink coffee the last two mornings. I was thinking that my bladder could use the break, but now that I've got some antibiotics, and am off the Detrol, I am considering making it for tomorrow morning at least.
I put these ant traps above the hummingbird feeder a couple of days ago to hopefully stop the carpenter ants from eating the soon to be pool room again. Jury is still out.

Ant traps

Next project: Install window air conditioners.


Lee said...

Sorry to hear you have been feeling under the weather. Hope you feel better soon and that the tank repair works!

lovelife said...

I hope that you get to doing better soon.
you might look on craigs list for the part you need for the pool.

Rambleman said...

I keep forgetting about Craig's list :-( As for feeling better, maybe once I'm done with the antibiotics.

Whimspiration said...

Ask your doctor about using a "cowboy condom" or "Texas catheter". it's nice, and doesn't cause infections.

Hope your patch job works, and that you get to feeling back up to snuff really soon! *hug*

Rambleman said...

I was using the catheter *only* because the urologist thought it would help me empty better. Although that did happen, *I* didn't think that was a problem. *shrug* I no longer use it or the Detrol LA because I think he misunderstood the problem and made more of the "results" then there really were. I was originally tested for my neurologist. IMO - big misunderstanding between us 3. :-(

I'm already feeling better.