Tuesday, July 14

550 .5.7.1 This message does not comply with required standards

Yesterday I got an email from someone with a @yahoo.com addy. When I hit 'reply' then send I got the below error message:


I did Internet searches to find out why I get/got this. Got no answers that made it possible to change something/anything to make it send. I contacted Centurytel on-line-chat and phone support, they had no answers either. As usual, I obsessed about the error and why, so I tried *everything* I could think of changing, to no avail. UNTIL this afternoon. The original email yesterday had an URL in the body of the message ( Http://makinghomeaffordable.gov/ ). One work-around is to just add another email address to the "To:, Cc:, or Bcc:" window (2 different addies are the recipients), hit 'Send' and it went out with zero errors without me changing anything in the message. BUT if I just left the sender's addy in the To: window but took out the ".gov" off the end of the URL making it ( Http://makinghomeaffordable) it also went out just fine. I tried pasting the URL with dot gov in a NEW email message to my yahoo mail account, but it wouldn't go out until I took the gov off or added another recipient.
I was thinking it had something to do with CenturyTel's mail servers, but the ONLY time I get the error is when the TO: is either @yahoo.com or @yahoogroups.com. Even then it's not all the time. Sometimes if I just reformat the message to plain text the message goes fine, or I take out the pictures, but even those things don't always enable me to send a message.
I also tried changing the ZoneAlarm firewall settings, disabling the anti virus software, shutting ZoneAlarm down - nothing changed so I put them back to the way they were before all of this began. Didn't try completely uninstalling ZA or the anti-virus though.
In summation : I personally believe it has something to do with Yahoo! and the .gov or other government letters in an URL in the BODY of a message. Just add another TO: address to the outgoing mail and it should bypass whatever or whoever's server is flagging it. It may still be flagging it on their end but at least your recipient DOES get it. (I got it at my yahoo.com address on-line). YMMV



Anonymous said...

Hey Todd. This is Stewart in San Marcos, Texas. I have been having that same problem. We have CenturyTel also. The last time I tried to get them to figure it out, they had no clue. I think it is a security setting in Outlook. The message has no Internet headers. It seems to be quite random in what it doesn't like. I send a lot of links to people. Could just be a plot by Microsoft to piss me off. It's working. :-)

Todd said...

Thank goodness for workarounds, eh?