Friday, July 3

Traps, shoots, algae, filters

We went grocery shopping yesterday and while we were there we got a wasp/hornet trap to *hopefully* reduce the amount of them that greet us whenever we go into one of our 2 sheds. Today is the 2nd day, so far, as you can see, they *haven't* been trapped. Anybody know how long it takes them to find something like this?

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The last couple of days I have mentioned that I was outside pulling/plucking/whatever you call it Poplar shoots that have been coming up all over the yard. See, we cut down 3 adult Poplars last Fall but they don't want to stop repopulating, so they send out these shoots that pop-up from the roots they've sent out previously.


We *finally* got the above ground pool's water clear and the algae that was floating around mostly out. However, there as been a LOT of it on the floor/bottom of the pool for so long that it's coated the bottom. Unfortunately even vacuuming didn't help. We added 2 gallons of white vinegar last evening, but so far there doesn't *appear* to be any change. I'm thinking we probably need to add a butt load of algaecide in an attempt to kill it. If that doesn't help de-slick the bottom, then we'll need to buy another scrub brush that attached to the skimmer pole and scrub the shit out of it.

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Lastly, this month is the third month since replacing the "old" water filter in the pumphouse with a new one. Was going to replace it with another new one today, but it doesn't look all that dirty to me, so I didn't. Maybe after 3 more months? We shall see.


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