Wednesday, July 1

Pictures, social networks, and airconditioners

Took these pictures several days ago meaning to upload them to my Gather page. Obviously I have not done that yet. I decided that today is the day, but I am also including it on my blog. May even upload the pictures to my Facebook page. Speaking of my links, you'll notice that there is now a Tweet Me! icon on the bottom of the blog post for anyone to send the page's URL to Twitter.

This is one of the regulars, possibly 'Phil' or 'Steven'. LOL. Actually, we can't tell them apart. We did notice that it was only the boys feeding for the last week or so. We're assuming that the girls are possibly tending their younguns or something. Anyhoot, just for the fun of it we say, "Hi Phil" or "Hi Steven" when a boy lands to feed, thinking it is more cordial then "hey there bird".

This is of the same little guy but I used the zoom function on the camera. Didn't come out as clear as I hoped it biggen=click

Clickin biggens it. lol :)

I've been thinking for days about writing in my blog, as opposed to just short comments on Twitter, Facebook, and Gather. The reason I haven't is because there really isn't anything of interest to report. It's been super hot for the two weeks prior to this one that's been only in the mid to high eighties. The weeks prior were mid to high nineties with 60% or above humidity. Our living room AC barely kept it below 80-85 until this week, then it kept it between 75-80 depending on how cool the morning lows are, how warm the outside temperature is and how many times the doors are open and closed.
Speaking of AC's, the lady whom I've talked to verbally with the MS Society is now just waiting for me to fax her an actual invoice from wherever we want to purchase a better/higher BTU conditioner from so that they know *exactly* how much (if it's approved) to send the store. Problem is that pay day for us isn't until Friday, possibly Thursday if the bank is closed Friday for the July Fourth holiday. The big cheeses who decide whether I get financial help or not won't have another meeting until next Tuesday anyway, and that's when the lady can ask for help on my behalf.

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Lee said...

Cute pics! It is cool enough here (because of no sun) that some folks still use their woodstoves for brief periods!! Hoping for a fast response on your a/c though.