Sunday, July 12


Thursday: Drove to our family's long time friends homestead and had a absolutely awesome time. We even got to meet a few of their friends right around them in the neighborhood.


Friday: Went to Buffalo and bowled with a couple other home educating families (3). Nonetheless, a good time was had and my Epiphany was that it's obvious my Wii Bowling training did nothing for my real life game. LOL.


Saturday: Went to a little bigger city and did receipt shopping (A/C) and grocery shopping. And when I say, "Grocery", I really mean food AND those things that weren't edible.

Late afternoon: Neighbor's daughter, boyfriend and their baby daughter came over and swam til it started rain-sprinkling. First time a 'neighbor' (mile away) has came and stayed for a LONG time. YAY!


Today/Sunday: Took a much needed shower, Wii'd (body test), got very old door-closer part that's just been attached only with bent screws I couldn't UNscrew, so just left it. Today I finally got my "Tap & Di" set out, but after drilling the pilot hole the screw heads came off and I didn't need it after all. Watched Pirate's of the Caribbean 1 & 3. Next will be another "pirate" movie called El Dorado - by Disney. Pirate Sunday is what today has been. *smile*


These are two of the two Poplar tree stumps from year that are STILL trying to come back. The one on right: That black stuff is "Pruning Sealer" which is supposed to keep them from "branching out", but it's not always successful. *sigh*


Stump one

Stump 2


Oh, and we now have 4 Solar Powered L.E.D. lights lining our driveway. We're SO stylin!


lovelife said...

you all have been busy

Rambleman said...

Busy? It's funny, cuz I just said to Rain, "For a family whom *I* claim isn't busy like our friends, we sure do a lot going" *smile*