Saturday, September 19

Blogging: something to do

Well, since I've almost downed the last of the coffee, I suppose I should take that shower. You know what else I've been slackin' on? Other people's blogs that I had been following consistently. Kind of feel guilty about that, but not as much as I once would've. That's because of Facebook and Twitter, for the most part. Only a few friends haven't joined either, which is fine because we're on email lists together. As a matter a fact, most of my immediate family and relatives are on FB or TWTR, and the ones that haven't aren't real gregarious towards us anyway. Bah!

The above just doesn't look like enough. I don't know. Perhaps I'm too used to the 140 character guidelines. *smile* Although that's usually enough since I don't really have a lot of *new* things to write about very infrequently anyway. Ooh, that's right, I AM 'The Rambleman'. Heh-heh-heh ;-)

Gotta pee, so this is good-bye till our pixels meet again! :-)

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