Tuesday, September 22

We are okay because...

...we located the source of the smell and unplugged it just as it was starting to catch fire, and I mean *just* in time. What was, you say? Our 11 year old portable dishwasher. It has been awesome to us, although the racks had been 'repaired' for several years with duct tape, a homesteader's best friend. LOL. We're out of practice, but I *think* we will be able to figure out how to get clean dishes w/o the dishwasher. LOL.

In other news... I over "trimmed" my face and neck while preparing them to be shaved even closer with the electric razor. But after two days, my electric razor still irritated my skin (dull?) so I tried a regular non-electric razor and it was surprisingly satisfactory. I had been using an electric razor exclusively for over 20 years. Apparently, unannounced to me, they've improved them. So, I'm going to try hand shaving for a while.


Lee said...

I am so glad you are all okay. Handwashing dishes can be sorta zen! The important thing is no fire which would have been really scary.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, kind of a wake up call to be aware of different smells. Never expected that to actually happen, but it does. Now I will be replacing the battery in the smoke-alarm cuz it never went off, the smell was pretty mild, but a smell nonetheless. Thanks for caring that we're all right. *hugs*