Tuesday, September 8

Yardwork and wasps

Yesterday after I finished read my email, Facebook, and Twitter messages I decided that instead of continuing to sit at the computer I should get some yard work done. When I first started it was with the intention of putting diatomaceous earth around the base of the house after I trimmed the grass and weeds with the weed-eater. But then I decided that the D.E. only kills one cell bugs and whatnot, and since it's February there probably wasn't many (if any) anyway. After that I did a bit of mowing while riding around on the riding mower. Should prolly explain that I had cut some tree wannabees out from the side of the little house and needed to take the debris to the wood/brush pile, so I got the mower out of the shed, hooked the wagon behind it so that I could take it all in one swail foop. *grin* I had also trimmed some dead branches off of a tree on the other side of the yard that needed to be moved as well. That was the original reason for getting the mower out. After said debris was moved to the brush pile I decided to do some grass cutting in front of the wood shed and right around the house. That is when I remembered that I wanted to trim the Poplar stump which had been growing tree starts, with the machete. Well, I didn't. That is because when I got closer and raised the machete to whack them I noticed that most of the leaves had wasps, flies and other bugs on them. Anyway, didn't want to piss off the wasps so decided I would whack the starts in the evening after they had went to bed. Consequently, I haven't done that yet.

(click 2 enlarge)
There is a stump under those 'starts'

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A wasp on the leaf of a start

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Another wasp


Lee said...

Good thing you noticed before you gave that first whack!

Todd said...

They weren't paying a lot of attention to me, luckily, I did whack it a few times, walking backward quickly after each. None of them followed me :-)