Tuesday, January 5

Have water, but for how long?

We have achieved WATER! Sighing Woot!


But it may happen again. Note to self, leave water trickling before bed tonight.


Current Buffalo, MO temp

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Arp said...

Man - I feel your joy & trepidation! Nothing made me remember to leave the water trickling (and made me thankful for a leaky toilet flap) like having our pipes freeze.

Todd said...

Yeah, like I said, frozen pipes have never happened to us before. There's always a first time though, so trickling water tonite for sure.

Lee said...

Hope the pipes stay unfroze!

Stuff On My Blog said...

brr! I'd gladly send you a few degrees if I could ;)

Todd said...

Lee: They *should*. We put a better heater in the bathroom and a long lasting heat-bulb in the well's tank/pump house.

SOMB:) Just concentrate really hard for a really long time because "it's the THOUGHT that counts '-) Thanks. LOL.