Thursday, January 14

Round 2 of Todd vs. The Cats

You know of my attempt to keep the cats from launching litter out of their boxes.


One cat figured she'd test that theory of mine and prove it *wrong*. *sigh*


Cats' proof of semi-failed litter containment
(click 2 enlarge)


Today I modified the front "barrier" by making it taller. Plus I added a mat to try and lessen the tracking.

1-14-10-ltbxs 002.jpg
(this is full size)



Lee said...

you are persistant, but be warned, so are felines! LOL

Arp said...

I'd go for a tall plastic bin, especially if it's tall enough for the cats to sit up in. Cut a hole in half of the top. It's the only thing that worked - I even tried astro turf but the just jumped over it when they left the litter box.

This idea happened here since choice in litter boxes does not exist and plastic is way expensive. I doubt I would have come up with it otherwise. When we get back to the US, I'm hitting Staples/Office Depot for my litter boxes.

Todd said...

As of this afternoon the taller front barrier kept all the litter in. Whoo-Hoo! :-)

Plastic bins sound like a great idea!