Friday, January 8

(pic) Annebelle's head

This is what we get to look at just about every time we go to the smoking/plant room. We can never really get away from her. lol

(click to enlarge)

Annabelle doing the decapitated look



Stuff On My Blog said...

lol what a nutty pup!

Todd said...

She is, but in a fun way. One of these days I'll get a video of when she first comes back in from being outside and just zooms back and forth from the kitchen to the other door and back through the living room again about 10 times. LOL.

Lee said...

What a cutie! Our pooch does the zoom in the house thing when he comes in from being outside too!

Todd said...

Cool. So we're not alone in having a hyper-at-times pooch. Awesome :-)