Friday, February 5

Projects, phones, timers, breaks, electric power lines

light under shelf shaving tools Motorola W376g bottle and glass

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The 1st picture (left) is one of the things I put up yesterday. It's the fluorescent light above the washer & dryer. It was over just the washer, but for a while the lid of the washer would hit it when you lifted it. I got tired of that. Since there are two shelves above those machines, I attached the light to the higher, or second one.


Picture #2 was another project I accomplished a few days ago. I moved the electric trimmer (right side of pic) from our bedroom to the bathroom shelf. The razor in the middle was laying flat on the shelf, so yesterday it got mounted on the wall so other things, like the shaving cream would also fit on the shelf above the toiler.


Third picture is my Motorola W376g cell phone. The reason for this picture is so you can see exactly what I'm talking about when I tell you that I figured out how to use the 'calendar' on it. Took me a couple of hours this morning to find out how to get the alarm to sound at a specific time on a future (or current) date. Solution: Set the reminder to '0 mins before' the set time. Now it'll beep when it is, for example, Valentines day or someone's birthday. Cool, huh?


That last one is what I spent a 5 minute break doing: pouring myself to drink of cola. See, I was once again searching for a timer to auto-start when the browser (Google Chrome) was opened. The one I chose is from someone who thinks a 5 minute break after every 15 minutes of web surfing is strongly suggested. Still 'shopping' for one that will beep at the 'take a break' reminder time, instead of just flashing like this one. However, after setting my computer time timer to 15 minutes and then hearing the alarm for a break a couple of times, my wife and I decided that's just not enough time. You just start getting into whatever, and BEEP. If you got up to do something else every time, you'd get nothing, or not very much anyway, done. So I'll be changing the on-line/browser timer to remind me every half an hour for a short break. If I'm doing something non browser related, I'll set my off-line timer to 30.


Last but definitely not "least" is the question my wife and I have had for quite a while now. Question is: Why haven't the electric companies in the U.S. *buried* the power lines? Especially in areas like here or Missouri in general where ice storms happen almost every year where thousands or potentially hundreds of thousands of households lose power when heat is needed the most. Just makes no sense to us! My wife thinks that if the government needed a way to get more people back to work, thus lowering the 10% unemployment rate, that making burying all electric lines mandatory in the nation would be an excellent way to do it. You know, like the phone companies did a long time ago? Just a thought. Peace out!



Stuff On My Blog said...

Pretty productive day there Todd. My 'get off the computer' timers are 3 small boys that will come clammering for a snack every 20minutes without fail LOL. They work amazingly well ;)

Todd said...

LOL! Unfortunately we don't have that kind of timer anymore. Good to hear you've taken the 'natural' solution :-)

Lee said...

You were pretty darn busy! Around here, wires that were buried actually suffered almost as much damage in that big ice storm that we had last year. The conduits somehow flooded (this was phone lines but would i think be the same general principle) and there were people w/out phones for literally a month. Not sure we have an easy solution yet!

Todd said...

Good point, Lee. I would think that with today's technology there would be a way to bury AND seal moisture out with phone and electric cables/lines. Hmm...