Monday, March 29

Repairing water damage

left side of upstairs bedroom ceiling
left side water damage (clik-2-enlarge)


right side of upstairs bedroom ceiling
right side water damage (clik-2-enlarge)


We've discovered that the roof on top of the house has leaked which caused water damage to the ceiling in the upstairs bedroom. Wasn't exactly sure how to very inexpensively seal the gaps on the tin roof since we haven't been able to afford to buy roof sealant to spread over it. Then the other day I remember that we had some old indoor/outdoor paint in the shed. Thinking I could perhaps just pour it over the gaps, I open a couple of the cans only to find out the paint had gone bad (oil on top and mostly solid). Yesterday I got the thinking and decided that tape could be temporarily used until we get some sealant. Today I went up onto said roof and used the rest of our duct tape and some of the packing tape we have to cover a few of the gaps over that part of the house. Was all going well until I got about 3/4 of the way down and started slipping, barely managing to get enough foot-grip to get back to the top. At that point I decided it was time for a break and came in. Then I took the camera and took a couple of pictures.


roof "repair"




Lee said...

my goodness, I wouldn't know where to begin to fix that but you were brave to get up there in the first place!

Tana said...

Ron suggested, if you need to get back up, to tie a rope onto something that is on the opposite side of the house and toss it over the roof to hang onto, or tie yourself to. He also wondered if the piece of tin needs new screws.

Todd said...

@Tana: Yeah, Rain suggested I tie something to my waist and then have someone hang onto it.

The tin sheets are nailed, on that side of the roof. I tried hammering them in more, but they didn't budge (or I didn't hit them hard enough), hence the tape.

@Lee: Thanks. Plus I am shaky because of the MS, which makes it SO exciting.

Shakil said...

Water damage is very harmful for bulding. Its create many problems for people.

Todd said...

@Shakil: Absolutely, so now that I've discovered it I'm going to fix it.

Chery Ashmead said...

You did a great job with your DIY roof repair. However, if the same problem happens again, you might as well contact professionals to do the job. Roof leaks and water damage can cause a huge problem.

Todd said...

Oh, believe me, if we could/could've afforded to hire a professional, we would have. However, since *my* "fix", we've had no further damage, because the fix held. Thanks for the comment and I agree a professional would've been better, but...