Wednesday, March 17

St. Patrick's Day, Oestara, Birthday

Irish yoga shirt

Today in the U.S.A (and possibly other countries) it's St. Patrick's Day. Woo. Although I'm of Irish decent, primarily because of my last name, this particular 'Holiday' doesn't hold much of my interest. Yes I am wearing green (shirt) because "that's just what you do" according to the tradition of this day. I am only wearing it because I had it on yesterday and at bedtime my wife mentioned that my DD was also wearing her 'Irish' shirt yesterday, so I just put it back on this morning. Therefore no one can legally pinch me today. *grin*


Then of course this coming Saturday (3-20) will be Oestara. So today we picked up some chocolate and candy filled plastic eggs to hide and seek. Though our kids are a bit old to do the "Easter egg hunt". Ya never know though, they might want to, or I might even for that matter. Just depends on whether or not we're in the holiday spirit when the day comes.


Then on the 25th of March it's going to be my wife's birthday. So as you can see, we've got plenty of things to celebrate this month. Not a good time of year to try and be zero or even low carb. Just ain't gunna happen. LOL.



Lee said...

We were so busy being silly yesterday I didn't get to write and let you know how funny I thought the picture was of the Irish yoga! Cracked me right up. Now on to Ostara!!

Todd said...

無尾熊可愛 said...
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