Sunday, October 23

Last Visual Basic assignment and I'm clueless

Keep in mind, I've never, ever worked in an office, therefore I have no experience to draw ideas from. Unless someone can give me a very quick explanation on how to create this application/form in Visual Basic 2005, I'm going to get an "F" on this assignment. Just sayin!

Wagner Cable Company would like for you to write an accounting application that must report the day of the week when a bill must be paid. If a bill would be due on a Saturday or Sunday, it should consider that bill due on the previous Friday. What code will you use to meet the requirements? The data about the due date of the bill will be read from a database you will create.
They would also like for you to write an application in Visual Basic that will display the number of expenses for each office. The expenses should be broken down by category. They want to provide users with a visual display, using both bar graphs and pie charts. They also want users to be about to print the output. The data about the expenses will be read from a database you create. Make sure you have multiple offices and multiple expenses as data in the tables.
•How will you color-code each category in the bar chart?
•What method will you use to draw the bars?
•How will you color-code each category in the pie chart?
•What method will you use to draw the pie chart?
•What method will you use to label the charts?
•What object controls the color of the labels?
•How will you allow users to print the graphs?
•How will you allow users to select a printer?
•What can you do to optimize code reuse?
Submission Requirements:
Write the code to create the applications and submit a zip file of the project folder created by Visual Basic.
Answer the questions listed above in Microsoft Word.
P.S. It's due before 11:59:59 p.m. Eastern time tonight (Sunday night)  

Hoping I do well enough on the final exam today that even with an "F" on the last assignment, and a current grade of 86%, that I pass the class. Whatever.


Lee said...

I wish I could help you but I too am clueless and I DO work in an office! Are there chat rooms for your school that someone might be able to give you a helping hand with?

Todd said...

Lee, I'll look for a forum on the ITT site, but I haven't seen anything. My class mates (all 4 of them :) are having just as hard a time with this class. It's like the teacher has totally forgotten that we've *never* done programming of any kind. Any hoots, thanks for the idea. How have you been?

Todd said...

P.S. I did email the teacher to see if he had any suggestions on how to complete this assignment. That was last evening, late, so I'm not expecting an answer real soon, hopefully fairly soon though :)

Anonymous said...

Dude, that is F***ed up.
They are not aware

Todd said...

Yes, T, it is fucked up. Apparently everyone but the teacher knows it. Bleh

Todd said...

Just so you know, that assignment is not the final exam, it's the last assignment before the final exam. Like that matters, eh?