Monday, October 31

New class MO better

If you can recall how I felt while attending the last college course of Programming Using Visual Basic 2005, you know I did not enjoy it. I don't feel I really learned much from that class, other than it's looking like programming is not a career I want to specialize in. I don't know what the reasons were, but for some reason I just did not feel able to remember to coding rules of Visual Basic. Yeah, I'm told I will probably need to know at least some basic programming, which I do, very, very basic :-) In the end I recieved a grade of a C+, desipite failing the final exam miserably (per the grade and how I felt after taking the test). That is over though.
Currently I am enrolled in the next class towards my degree. It's called Typography for the Web. It's basic how to use the program InDesign CS4 to create any type of written materials (books, magazines, etc) to convey meaning in type. I'm enjoying this class a lot more. Granted I've just began the 2nd week, but still. I'm grokking it much better as I'm a visual learner, hence why I'm majoring in Web Design (technologies), which looks odd when I see it written. I like how things look more than needing to know how they work (in general anyway). So far I'm getting an A. Yay!

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