Wednesday, October 12

Not looking good

Wish me luck everybody. My computer crashed last night w all my school programs, shortcuts, and everything. It's all gone. Was just able to connect to the internet around noon. Everything I do on it as far as new installs seems to be a pain in the ass. Only 5 hours to go and Windows Service Pack 3 will be downloaded. Hopefully I'll be able to get Windows updates once that's installed. PS I'm using Angelica's computer right now, in case you care. Finally signed into my class a little while ago. Seems the homework I turned in last night was not rite by the time the teacher got it, so he wants me to resend it. Unfortunately I don't have it anymore. I'm downloading a program I need on A's laptop rite now, but our connection sucks today, so it's going to be a while before I can do said homework. Hopefully the 50th hour (it seems) of writing the fucking VB programming will get me better than a 25% grade on attempt #2. Yes, that's what he gave me on the last assignment. That leaves my overall grade at 68% for the course with this and next week to go, and I'm 4 assignments behind, not counting this weeks. I may just fail this stupid class! Maybe I'm not cut-out for Web Design Technology college work :-(


Anonymous said...

Oh gawds, Todd, I am so sorry to hear about your computer and how sucky your class is going for you. I wish you all the luck in the world.
They are not aware

Todd said...

Thank you. My computer is almost back to normal. Just getting Windows updates and installing one more program (it's almost done). Rain bought me some RW-DVDs today so I'll be backing up all of my computer files. I think it's going to need 5 DVDs to get it all, at least that's what I remember from last year when I checked but didn't have a DVD drive, now I do.
As for the class. I have the homework as done as It's going to get. I did mention to the teacher that the assignment requirements didn't say there needed to be a .zip file with VB code in it. Although now I'm thinking the assignmernt may say to write the code in the Word document that the rest of the assignment is on. I don't know that I really care any more. Pass some, fail some I guess. Who knows, I may do well on the final exam next week. Could happen! Or he may give me an extension that'll allow me to catch up a little anyway. Bleh!