Friday, December 23

Latest about Renee and us

I first of all want to give everyone who is praying for/sending healing energies/keeping Rain/Renee' in your loving thoughts; a huge thank you. I cannot put into words how much you're all helping.

The latest about Renee' is that they discovered that she started having siezures. I have no idea why, but they told me she is now getting medicine to treat them. Once they get that problem managed, they'll be better able to assess what more can be done to give her more ability to come out of the coma. Compared to the last few days, tonight she looked more at ease and appeared to actually be sleeping. Tomorrow (Sat.) they'll do more scans (catscan, MRI, etc) to figure-out why this is happening (the coma?). She did have a heart attack, but there were no warning signs - total shock to everyone!

We really miss her! Can hardly wait to talk to her, kiss her, hug her. She our everything - and we'll NEVER let her forget that, ever.

Meanwhile, we're trying to stay strong enough to get everythng on a more regular schedule (groceries, houeshold stuff, bills).

Right now we're down to only one computer (Renee's) and currently getting free wi-fi. Once I can get a USB wi-fi connector, I'll be able to do more regular updates. Just keep doing what you're doing; it's truly helping. Angelica's laptop got a virus and we can't seem to figure out how to her her back online using the other
Windows-7 user account. The comput itself works, just can't connect online.

Got a $25 TV today, and have cable television, so at least we don't have to sit in silence anymore.

Tomorrow I need to call a few/some bill senders (car payments, prescription-D, medicare) and let them know that we WILL be catching-up, it's just going to take a little bit longer than expected.

We like our new apartment. It has an ecercise gym, hot tub, and a swimming pool. We're able to get to the hospital and back home quicker now. We can get to Wal-Mart, Target, Walgreens for medication, and so forth. It's hard emotionally, for sure. Angelica & Eldin are being as grown-up about everything as they can. We're hanging in there. Having such awesome friends is awesome.

That's all there really is to update. All we need is love! Furniture (sofa/loveseat, dining table chairs, etc) would be nice, but at least we have air-beds and blankets.

I hope everyone has a great Christmas/Yule/whatever you celebrate this time of year.



cheerymishmash said...

You are all in my thoughts. Hope the tests today are helpful. Positive thoughts and hopes from across the pond xxx

btw your paypal donate button doesn't seem to be working x

Lee said...

Absolutely keeping you all in our thoughts. Have been sending lots of strong energies to you all. I hope the Drs find out soon what is going on. Hugs, lee

Todd said...

Thank you both.

Btw: I fixed the donate button.

Caz said...

Been thinking about you guys Todd. It wasn't that long ago (3yrs exactly) that I was sitting in an SICU room with my 20year old son in much the same situation. My Christmas wish for you is that Renee's body takes this time to heal and that she awakes when she is better. Keep hope alive, because in MY case, we were told to prepare for our boy to be a vegetable... he's now 23 and on his own.