Thursday, December 15

The Latest

We are almost moved-in to Austin, Texas, from Long Lane, Missouri. By "almost" I mean that as far as I know we have been approved by the owners/managers to live in the Fort Branch of Truman's Landing apartments. All we're waiting for now is for someone from the apartment complex to call and let us know that it's "official", tell us what the move-in deposit is (we're hoping that they only charge us half of the 'first month's rent as a deposit' since it's the 15th of December, 2011, since they recended on the original incentive to choose them of 'the first month's free'). See, we don't have a hell of a lot of liquid money because we were counting on not having to come-up with a 'move-in deposit'. Luckily my finance manager (aka: my wife) was smart and withheld payment for this month's car payment and Internet bill "just in case". We plan on (now) having to catch-up those 2 payments in a couple of weeks. We hate that we're having to do it this way. If we have to pay only half of the deposit on the apartment, then we'll use the other half to get a few things. We'll need 4 of the least expensive air beds we can find, a few pots and pans, a used Goodwill TV, dining room table & chairs, loveseat or sofa, and a digital recorder box (we plan on checking Freecycle for this stuff). Then we'll have to give our new adress to the Long Lane post office so that they can send all the mail that's been put on hold for the last couple of weeks. Open a local bank account and contaqct the Social Security Administration so they'll directly deposit our SS. Disability benefits into our new-to-us bank (a credit union). Of course we'll also have to buy a few groceries, put the electic & water utilities in our names, set-up for (most likely AT&T) highspeed internet, and then the girls will start putting in job applications. All we need is a real address and it's a go. We should definitely hear from the apartment people tomorrow morning.

The only thing that is kind of an emergency, is getting the on-hold mail taken care of ASAP because I'm completely out of the LDN I take as a Multiple Sclerosis treatment. I've been out for 2 days and not had a problem. I'm just a little nervous about it though because I really don't want for MS health issues to worsen. I don't!


Anonymous said...

The motel addy *is* a legitimate addy for mail and the bank.. The cut off date for SSA disability direct deposit change is the 16th of the month--after that date it will be the next month. So if you do not get your bank changed by tomorrow it will be February before the change will take effect. I just talked to them about this.
And you should not do without your meds--put in your change of addy tomorrow to the motel. You can change it again when you move in to a place.
The part about the "first month free" doesn't make sense, something was left out there, but the only time I have ever gotten a break on a deposit was when I cleaned the place before moving in instead of them and that was close to 25 years ago and a privately owned apt. instead of an apt. complex. They give breaks on rent but deposit is for when you move out--even if it is called a "move-in deposit."
What news have you heard that is unofficial? I am keeping my fingers crossed for you.
I read today that 1 in every 2 people in the US is either "low-income" or "poverty level." But then I saw 6 pairs of jeans as part of a "The Price is Right" game that was "worth" (yeah, my ass) over $2500. SIX PAIRS OF JEANS!

Todd said...

The direct deposit isn't a big deal. Our bank account in MO is still open and we can/have still use(d) the debit card. We haven't setup a bank account here, that's why we're waiting on that.

As for the move-in thing. The manager of the apartment complex feels "uneasy" because our house payments were due on the 1st but not posted to our bank until the 5th, 6th, or after, but never "late" since they wouldn't have been considered so until after the 16th. We explained that because we don't get paid until the 3rd and mailed the payment that it took a few days for the payment to get through all the hoops before being posted at our bank. The other thing that's bothering them is that we have no rental history because we've owned our house, which is stupid logic in our opinion. Anyway, one of the people at the apartment complex is going to try and talk to the manager again about the payment history that bothers her. As for the mail and my medicine... we should be in the apartment by Monday/early Tuesday anyway, so even if we used the motel for the change of address, we wouldn't get the mail until next week anyway.