Sunday, December 11

Misery loves company

For those of you who have experienced sever lower back pain (sciatica nerve region), won't you please send me some vibes that will ease the back pain? Join my company if you can relate.

Yesterday afternoon I was bored, so I knelt down if front of the closet door (which was open) and started pulling bags of items we had packed in said bags and brought with us, just to look through the stuff. No pain. Didn't think I was straining to pick stuff up. Then a couple of hours later I stood up, after laying on the bed watching television. Suddenly I felt a sharp pain in my lower back and my knees almost buckled. What the fuck? I haven't experienced pain that intense for a very, very long time.

I've tried stretching while laying on the floor. Not much luck, it felt like a vertebra was about to pop out. Took a nice, long, very hot bath. I am taking 3 Ibuprofen every 4 or so hours. Nothing helps. Rain has gone to the store to get some Arnica gel to message into my back, and a hot pad.

I can walk maybe ten steps before I have to either sit down, or collapse on the nearest thing available.

Fuck! It hurts!

In other news... I've turned in 1 assignment for each college course I'm in, and have already received a 100% grade on one of them. I just turned in the 2nd one not long ago. I'm still waiting on a grade for it.

The move to Texas has been good so far. Still waiting on the result of the move-in application at one apartment. The signs (numerology #'s 11 & 22 [room # 1122) say it's meant to be. "New beginnings" (#11). I can't remember what the #22 means, but it fit and it was good when I heard it.


Lee said...

I am lucky enough to not really have back problems but Kirsty had had them often and I know it is awful! Lots of healing thoughts!

Anonymous said...

How's the back doin noww? I think I have done that--screwed up my lower back while getting out of bed. The muscles are relaxed and the bones go a little too far and it causes pain so the muscles tighten and the bones didn't get back in place in time. I use muscle relaxers and a hard, flat surface until it all relaxes back into place. Not everybody has muscle relaxers though--copious amounts of alcohol is what I used to use.
My neck still has a twinge from the freak accident with the pickle jar a couple weeks ago. The muscle relaxers helped my function for for the first week but I can't figure out how to get my neck bones back in the right place. And somehow I hurt my thumb using my mouse last night??? Is that enough misery to be in your company?
Good job on the homework.
Thinking of you...
They are not aware

Todd said...

Lee: Thank you for the thoughts.

Tana: I'm better today. Still can't walk fast, but at least I can walk around, albeit slowly. The main problem is getting up and down once I've been sitting or laying down for any length of time.

Hope your thumb heals quickly!