Saturday, March 3

All schoolwork done. Weekend... to be continued.

Okay. Every assignment that was due this week... Done. Final Exam for Contemporary Rhetoric (Argument)... done AND passed! Next class... "Image manipulation".
"I'm planning on attending my 1st Procrastination Anonymous meeting tomorrow, or the day after."

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Lee said...

You got to take a class in arguing? LOL Congrats, seriously!

Todd said...

Yep. Not so much to learn how as much as how to recognize different kinds and be able to tell when someone was being more truthful or deceptive when you heard theirs.

Anonymous said...

Inductive and deductive, right? It has been a while...Did you cover logical fallacies? That is what stuck with me the most-- but then now that I think of it I wound up covering that twice, once for Rhetoric and once for a composition class.
They are not aware

Todd said...

Yeah, we covered logical fallacies. And correct first part too (ind... and ded...)

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