Thursday, March 22

Pretty good day

... so far. I got up around 9:30 this morning in a pretty good mood. Not that I ordinarily get up in a bad mood, just that it's normally just another day, eh.

I got an email from ITT Tech saying that the assignment I turned in last night had been graded. So I went online to see what the grade was. I got a 99% out of a possible 100%. 1% was deducted because the teacher wants me to put my entire name on things that I turn in, rather than just the first initial of my first name and my entire last name. No biggie.

DD and I drove to the bank to deposit a refund check from the Missouri electric company for a whopping $13. Better than nothing I suppose. We now have $15 in the bank to spend. Woot! LOL. We do have some money coming later in the week though, and more next week. So we won't starve. LOL

After the bank we went to a park that has an empty tennis court that's no longer used for tennis. It looks like, judging from the litter lying around and holes in the chain-link fence, that it's primary purpose is a hangout for some people. We use it when we play frisbee there so that the wind doesn't blow it very far if we don't exactly aim it well to the other person. Today however, we used it so the DD could practice on her roller blades. She did alright. It was kind of windy, and we only have a cheap-o frisbee that sucks in the wind, so we didn't even consider it. It's all good though. While DD was roller blading, after about 5-10 minutes of just sitting there doing nothing, I decided to perform a little community service. I went and got a plastic bag out of the trunk and walked around inside the "court" and picked up all the obvious trash; mostly can tabs, but also a few pieces of plastic, some broken parts of boards and bottle caps laying around too. We then sat at a picnic table for a few minutes since it's such a beautiful day, then we came back to the apartment. See? I was going to write that we came home, but I hesitate to call it home because we'll most likely be moving out at the beginning of next year. Sigh.

Last evening my DD and I sat in the hot tub for a while, but not even 15 minutes because it wasn't hot, it was only 80*F (usually 100-103). Yesterday while we at the park, at least one of the apartment buildings lost electricity, plus the electric was off to the main water heater that provide hot water to some of the apartments and the hot tub's hot water tank. We'll probably check it out again tonight. Hopefully it's actually a HOT tub today!

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