Wednesday, March 21

Our park hour

We spent a little over an our at the Springwoods Park today. So far, it's our favorite park. There are tennis courts, a volleyball court, really nice play areas for the littles, and hiking trails around the park if you're into walking/strolling/whatever. I even did a little hula hooping with an over sized hoop, and didn't do too bad. Really enjoyed listening to the other parents talk. I didn't talk much because I don't know them well enough yet. I'm hoping to in time though. Last week at a different park, our frisbee broke in half and the mother who is going to replace it (broke while her son was playing with it) wasn't at the park we were today. Hopefully she'll be at next weeks park day, or she'll email me either for a mailing address to send it to, or one to pick it up at. I took some pictures, which you can see below. These are full-size.



A squirrel that was obviously used to being fed by humans because it wasn't scared at all.


Same squirrel, just a little closer, but it seems to be posing.


Same once again, but this time it's just after I put my hand out as if to feed it, but it touched my hand with it front paws and startled me. lol


There were a lot of crows which didn't seem too scared of humans either, but they never got close enough to actually touch.

The rest of the pictures are pretty self explanatory.









This was just one of a few play areas. They are all really nice though.

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Lee said...

really cool looking park!

Todd said...

It twas indeed. We'll definitely go back to it.