Thursday, August 25

Kodak (non) Customer Service Chat

Kodak Customer Service Chat


Todd: I want to change the color of the text to something other than 'black & White'

[All of our specialists are assisting other customers. We apologize for the delay and appreciate your patience. Please continue to hold and your chat will be answered by the next available specialist.](12:56:36 PM)

[You are now chatting with Anurag S.]

Anurag S (12:56:43 PM): Welcome to Kodak, my name is Anurag . Please wait while I review your question.

Anurag S (12:57:10 PM): Please tell me the model number of your printer?

Todd (12:57:28 PM): Esp-3

Anurag S (12:57:42 PM): If I understand you correctly you want to print color of the text in other than black & white.

Todd (12:57:56 PM): Yes

Anurag S (12:58:01 PM): I will help you in this issue today.

Todd (12:58:13 PM): Thank you

Anurag S (12:58:29 PM): Please tell me the Kodak Service Number for your printer? You can find this number by opening the printer access door like you are going to change the ink cartridges. This number will be located on the left hand side.

Todd (12:58:52 PM): What does that matter?

Anurag S (12:59:25 PM): In order to help you i need to capture some detail for the record.

Todd (12:59:28 PM): Why, actually.

Todd (1:00:03 PM): Okay, hold on

Todd (1:01:24 PM): *******

Anurag S (1:01:52 PM): Please tell me month, year & place of purchase of the printer.

Todd (1:03:42 PM): I don't know what month it was. It was about a year ago and I don't have the receipt. We got it at the Lebanon, MO Wal*mart Supercenter.

Anurag S (1:03:55 PM): Thank you for all the information.

Todd (1:04:08 PM): You're welcome.

Anurag S (1:04:20 PM): Please tell me what document are you trying to print.

Anurag S (1:04:29 PM): Is it a word document or something else.

Todd (1:04:55 PM): Plain text on plain white printer paper.

Anurag S (1:05:20 PM): Ok

Anurag S (1:05:40 PM): Please open Microsoft word on your computer.

Todd (1:06:03 PM): opening...

Todd (1:06:49 PM): Ready

Anurag S (1:07:25 PM): Please open a new file in word document & type something on the page.

Todd (1:08:23 PM): done *

[in a new doc at the time I wrote: Want this text to be green by default]

Anurag S (1:09:14 PM): Now select the typed text with the mouse cursor & chosse the color of text other than black & white. (Hmm, I sense frustration)

Todd (1:09:46 PM): I Want this text to be green by default

Anurag S (1:10:49 PM): Please select the text color on the word file.

Anurag S (1:10:57 PM): And print.

Todd (1:11:38 PM): I know how to change Word default settings. I want go change just printer settings.

Anurag S (1:11:54 PM): Ok.

Anurag S (1:11:56 PM): Please give me a few minutes to research the answer. I will be with you shortly.

Todd (1:12:06 PM): Thank you.

Anurag S (1:17:25 PM): Thank you for staying online , i appreciate your patience.

Todd (1:17:42 PM): You're welcome

Anurag S (1:18:17 PM): Todd i have checked for this issue. you can set the default setting to print every time in color however you have to select which color your want to print in.

Todd (1:18:46 PM): That's what I want to do.

Anurag S (1:18:49 PM): Or you can set the default setting on the word document to type every time in Green color.

Anurag S (1:19:08 PM): Select The text color as green as default.

Anurag S (1:19:13 PM): In the word.

Todd (1:20:19 PM): I want everything I print that has text to have green text even if it's a scan-and-print job. Not everything I print is a 'Word' document.

Anurag S (1:20:41 PM): Ok

Anurag S (1:21:31 PM): Todd for that it may require some advance level of technical support & if you want you can speak with our voice support team at 1-800-421-6699 9 A.M. to midnight, Eastern Time, 7 days a week. your case no. is *******

Anurag S (1:21:48 PM): Voice support team will be able to help you with this.

Todd (1:22:03 PM): Ok, I'll do that. Thanks for your help.

Anurag S (1:22:13 PM): I appreciate your time & patience on this chat session, Is there any other support I may provide you with today?

Todd (1:22:58 PM): Nah, I'm good. Enjoy the rest of your day and don't let cranky people annoy you too much.

Anurag S (1:23:37 PM): Thank you for contacting Kodak. Appreciate your coopertion ,You have a nice day.

Sigh! I know it can be done. I just can't remember how I did it the last time. LOL


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