Saturday, August 13

Life and School

Hello, how are you? Yes, I am finally writing a blog and will send it online for others besides me to read. I've been pretty consistent in making Vlogs. I don't know if I will ever post them online though. And that is because it's just my nature to start making them so that they are politically correct. Although, that's not really the meaning I was trying to explain. It would be like writing when I know people online are going to read it. After a while I tend to write for other people instead of myself. Therefore I tend not to get too deep because people would find out how freaky I really am. IE how so very different (not in a good way lol) I am than the so called average person. I really don't know why that should even be an issue, but it is. We have been telling our kids the whole time they've been growing up do not worry about what other people think, to just be themselves. Then I hypocritically try to write and say things that won't upset people (anymore), especially people who really know me in real life. What is real life? You know? people I've talked to in person are definitely real to me. People I've met online though are real as far as I know. No, they are, at least the people I have met online before meeting them in person, which aren't many, but they do exist, or they did at one point. lol.

click too enlarge? I turned in the last homework assignment of the week for the Web Design class (ad design for a fictional company). Guess what grade I received. Yep, an 'A' (100%). Only 3 more weeks of this class. I have to look through my notes to remind myself what classes come next. Speaking (typing?) of homework, I have one more part of the Problem Solving classwork to turn in this week. Of course I still need to write it, but that's beside the point. lol. Nah, it'll probably only be a page or two, which won't take too long to write... hopefully. Only 2 weeks remaining in the Problem Solving class. It has been 9 of 11 weeks for that one, whereas the Web Design class is only a 6 week class on Photoshop. I'm wondering if the next classes will be about other Adobe software (InDesign, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Fireworks, etc, in the Adobe Master Collection CS4). If they are, then I am wondering if each of them will be 6 week classes or longer. I'm guessing, definitely guessing that will be the case, but please do not use the first part of this sentence as fact. lol. I'm still trying to figure-out, with Photoshop, if I really need to flatten/merge my image layers to reduce the final file size, or if just starting the picture layout in 72 dpi reduces it in the beginning. I experimented last evening a little with one of my prior projects, but the one I played with was started before I found out about the 72 dpi thing. Shrug :)

This morning has been fairly productive. I've taken a shower, drank a cup of coffee, cleaned the litter box for the kitties, and whacked the weeds down in front of the house . I've also video blogged (Vlogged) and obviously Blogged. What does the B in Blog stand for again? Anyway, I'm going to finish writing this, add a picture and upload this puppy. Later taters!



Anonymous said...

I thought your DD was in charge of the kitty thing.
The "b" in "blog" is all that is left of the word "web" of "web-log." Was I too serious?
I tried commenting again using my gmail ID and Blogger wants to make me sign up again before posting it. If the annon. route doesn't work I am nott typing this again.

Todd said...

She's supposed to be. She does have a litter box in her room that only she cleans, when she thinks about it. She does clean the main litter box every once in a while, without even being reminded. lol.

"weB log". That's RIGHT! *sigh* I totally brain farted on that one! Not too serious at all :)

P.S. Thanks for commenting.