Tuesday, August 30

Mango's Sphere Face

This is Mango. This didn't turnout as well as I'd hoped, but still not too bad for a rookie :)



Anonymous said...

Thanks, it is cute. It isn't exactly what I was hoping for though, I wanted to see the fat face thing. I wonder why it gave you such a big face but the Mango's looks almost normal? I mean, you have such a fat face you have two chins, side-by-side rather than one on top of the other. Your nose looks a little funny too. Mango's pic looks like a Christmas ornament.

Todd said...

It's just that I used different sized pictures. I just did the Mango one as quick as I could because we were getting ready to go to Springfield this morning. I'll make another one with his face puffier for you. If not today, tomorrow or late tonight for sure.