Tuesday, August 23

Scheduled blog entry and homework picture

Are you wondering what the crap I mean by scheduled blog entry? See, after I started college in June I decided to keep my blog updated more consistently. I set the calendar program in Thunderbird to remind me to write in my blog every 2-3 days. Sometimes I do. Today is one of those days.

Today is my big brother's birthday. He lives in England. I sent him an email, and also wrote "Happy Birthday" on his Facebook wall. I probably won't get an acknowledgment, but that's alright, I didn't do it for me. So why mention it? A question I have no good answer for.

broken faucet

I shaved my face yesterday. While doing so I felt that the water stream coming out of the faucet when I was trying to rinse the razor blades off wasn't very direct, but I pushed through. After I finally got done (3-blade razor got clogged w/hair, 2-blade doesn't work very well cuz it's a cheap one). I decided to clean the little wire-mesh screen on the faucet. However, instead of twisting just that part loose, I twisted the entire end of the faucet loose. Out of curiosity I pulled that thing (see above) down so that it didn't wiggle at all. Unfortunately, the connection for it inside the spout is no longer attached to it. When I turned the water on for just a second I heard water hitting the floor of the cabinet under the sink. So now we need a different faucet, but that's going to have to wait until 2 Fridays from now after we get paid.

Yesterday I completed a lab assignment for my web class and turned it in online (uploaded it). Unfortunately, I submitted it as the week five, unit 9 exercise1 (should've been Unit 9 LAB1 ), which is a different assignment. Luckily, I have a teacher who understands that mistakes happen and asked if I would like her to reset the exercise so that I can turn in the correct one later. Of course I said yes. I honestly don't know why I did what I did. I swear I double checked to make sure I was turning in the correct assignment. Which I was, but I turned it in for the wrong homework category. Sigh. A couple of weeks ago I turned the wrong homework for the correct category and had to have that reset, hence why I double check everything, or think I do, before uploading my finished assignment. Anyway, below is the assignment I turned in correctly the second time (hopefully). LOL.

3D sphere created with Photoshop CS4

Okay, I have written a blog. Now I'm going to go outside and ride the riding mower around the front yard so it doesn't look like we have 2 driveways. LOL. The last time I mowed I left the grass UN-mowed on each side of the driveway so that when that grass there gets taller there would appear to be walls. When my wife came home yesterday, she said she almost drove down beside the driveway because she couldn't tell where the real one was. Today I shall fix that!

Driveway picture 1 clicking enlarges

Driveway picture 2 clicking enlarges

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