Saturday, April 21

Cookies by myself

Cookies before and after sticking to the cookie sheet. Sighhhhhh...I was having a chocolate craving last night but didn't have the money to go buy any. I did the next best thing, I made cookies. Because we didn't have enough butter to make use the amounts in the recipe, I halved all the amounts of the ingredients. You wouldn't think that would be so hard, right? And it wasn't. Yet I messed-up and put the wrong amount of sugar in because I was looking at the amount of flour I would need, then added the sugar instead. Didn't think it would be that big of a deal, but as it turned out, too much sugar made it so that the cookie dough wasn't as easily made into 1" balls to put on the cookie sheet as they were the 1st time. I did manage to get the first batch fairly well balled and cooked, but from then on the dough became more and more loose. That meant I had to 'fix' the recipe. Thinking that the full amount of butter wasn't added, I substituted lard to make up a little of the difference - that didn't help, it just made it gooey. So we added a little more flour, but not enough. Added just a tiny bit more baking soda, but that didn't do much either. Then I thought, "Hmm... maybe I need to add that 2nd egg to stiffen up the dough"... that didn't work. Finally, added some more flour and that helped. Unfortunately it didn't help enough and I ended up using 2 spoons and putting small puddles of "cookies" on the sheet, which then of course spread out, stuck to the cookie sheet even worse, and in the end melded together to make a huge "cookie bar".
Cookies in all their glory

The last batch, last week, I mixed the ingredients and my DD balled & cooked the cookies and they all came out great. But this week I decided to make said cookies all by myself, which I should've known not to do since 1) I didn't have ALL of the ingredients for a full-size batch, and 2) I'm not a baker. LOL.

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They are not aware said...

I have been teaching Morg to bake the last few weeks...maybe you would like to pop up for a lesson???
Without knowing how much sugar was supposed to go in as compared to what did, I can't tell you what you did wrong in the "fixing" but I just bet that if you would have added half the 2nd egg you would have been okay--hard to tell without more details. The best hint I can give you is to *pay attention* to what you are doing.
I spent 20 min. commenting on A's bog and then finding out I couldn't do it anonymously; yet I wanted to comment so I went ahead and allowed Google to sign me up for Blogger account but then the MF'n Google didn't post my comment afterward. Can we say PO'd? I will post a comment again when it doesn't upset my stomach to do so.
They are not aware