Wednesday, April 4

More classwork from this week

For this one, I needed to take the color out of the entire picture and make the ice cream cone the only thing with color afterward.

Before picture with all it's color After with only the ice cream and cone with color



For this one I had to take the add-on (red outlines) out of the picture. I didn't know whether to have the end product with a blue sky or a white one, so I did one of each.

Brick building with a block on top that needed to be removed

After w/ a white sky After w/ a blue sky. I should've added clouds.

After (1)

After (2)

I should've added clouds, at least to the one with the blue sky. Oops.

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Lee said...

I love the pic of the little girl eating ice cream. That is a very cool effect!

Todd said...

Thanks. I'm learning all kinds of neat tricks that Photoshop can do :-)