Thursday, April 19

Was new but then a Duh Epiphany

Ever been doing something for a while, then for some reason couldn't afford to do it that way, so you try a different way and find out that you could've saved a lot of money by doing it the 'found' way right from the get go? I have, and here's my story. Try not to fall asleep, this won't take long.

About a year ago I decided, because I couldn't afford to buy more razor-heads for my electric shaver, that I would start shaving a more current way... with a razor and shaving cream or gel. About 2-3 weeks ago I ran completely out of shaving gel. I thought to myself (like I could've thought to anyone else)... "
Ladies don't use creams or gels when they shave their legs, they use soap and water, so why can't I?" I lathered up my hands using bath soap and warm water, spread soapy water over my face whiskers and proceeded to shave. That's when when "it" (the duh moment) hit me that I could've been using soap and water all that time. The only time it doesn't work as well is when the razor is dull. If it is new and/or razor sharp (intended pun), the shave is just as good as it's always been (IE: with cream/gel). That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

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