Saturday, November 19

Monk Egg_Todds Breakfast

Centerd "Monk egg". Todd's breakfast. Click to enlarge.

By the way, that's tea in the coffee cup :-)

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Lee said...

Why is it called a "monk" egg?

Angelica said...

@Lee, Because on the show "Monk" The star is OCD and all of the eggs he eats have to have perfectly centered yolks. :) So when we get one, we call it a "Monk" egg. :D

@Todd, Great post!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I was trying figure out a hood or something causing to be a Monk egg. I get it. I didn't know Monk was OCD, I might have tried to watch it. I think I have seen about 10 min. total and not all of the same show. I did like the guy when he was on "Wings."
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