Tuesday, November 22

Our moving process


We're pretty much ready to move. All that really left to do is collect the move-in deposit (obviously we have a buyer), have a yard sale to sell what our friends don't want/need/need to sell for us, put in a change-of-address in at the post office, and of course cancel the phone, Internet, and electric services. Those last three won't be done until the day of our move-out. We've got the motel we'll be staying at in Austin, TX, while we look for an apartment/house to rent, reserved. We have a place to stay out of the wind and rain once we get there, so that's good. My prescription-D (Medicare prescription) drug plan is national, which means I'll just have to give them a new address to send statements to. That'll be easy enough. Besides, I've got until December 7 to choose a new plan if I need to. We've got time.

==> Both cats have had the Texas, animal, required rabies shot now. Next we'll need to get them used to wearing their harness's and having a leash attached to that, so we can stop and give them restroom breaks on the way there. Hopefully they'll get on a stop-schedule similar to ours, thus reducing the amount of stops needed.

==> My school book(s) and/or software should be here before next Saturday. All I'll need to do is give the school our new post office box number. Since it's an online-only course, that's all I hope needs to be done. Speaking of school. It's an interesting feeling knowing you have no more required home-work to do, a week and a half before the end of the class. I don't know if I should feel the need to be learning more about the class, or see what I can learn about my next one. I guess I could do both.

==> There ya go. You now know the scoop on our life happenings. Thanks for staying and reading this far.

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Angelica said...

Good blog <3

Todd said...

I can't tell you how happy it makes me, knowing you think so. Thank you.

Lee said...

wow you guys have been so busy. Wishing you all lots of good things for the next phase of the adventure!

Todd said...

Thank you, Lee. Say (don't really), can you post the URL to your blog? I lost it in the crash :-(

Anonymous said...

sent you note about moving with cats. everything there is a kind of learn from my experiences. some not so nice experiences. lol. Am excited for you. Judi R

Todd said...

Thank you, Judi!