Thursday, November 10

Current life

It's been a fairly emotional week. The decision to actually move to Austin, Texas has been confirmed. We're doing this. A little scary because I really don't like changes in a big, life altering way. However, I understand completely the reasons for our change, and I'm okay with them. 100%. We want change, and yes, I know that's cliche, considering the political crap that's been going on for almost 5 years now. I say 5 because I'm taking the time of political campaigns that brought the idea that people feel that change is all part of evolution. As much as I don't deal with drastic change great, I understand that the quote that says, "The only true constant in the universe is change." School continues. Right now I'm enjoying learning all about typography and it's history. I do not know what my next class, starts in December, will be. Should be interesting, I suspect.


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Lee said...

Do you have a target move date for your relocation? I know you guys have been thinking about moving for awhile. Does that mean you have a buyer or renter for your property. You have been selling some cool stuff but for me to drive to Long Lane was a little outside my commuting zone! LOL

Todd said...

@lee: We plan on driving toward Texas on the 3rd of December. It's a Saturday, it'll be payday, and it's our departure date.

The house! No buyers. Nobody, it seems, can afford the $1500 down and move in deposit. Which I take to mean that they also cannot afford to pay the $500 a month afterward. If you know anybody...

Long Lane is out of everybody's range unless they already live here. LOL. Hence Freecycle being a bust. Even the Buffalo, MO, yard sale (15 miles away) and barter group of Facebook was a bust because "it's just too far to look at something we may not buy" (for $5 or $10 or even free).