Sunday, November 27

Time Remains


There's only about 10 minutes until the Sunday Night, NFL football game starts, so I don't want to spend enough time on the computer to write a long post. But as you can literally see (as opposed to not really seeing? lol) that 'the countdowns' have begun. The left is until my birthday. Well, they're labeled, so I don't need to tell you. It's going to be weird once/if people start buying the big stuff like the fridge, oven, sofas, computer desks, and the like. The Mega Moving Sale begins on this coming Thursday at 9 am to 4 pm. Happens during the exact same hours on Thursday Friday. On Friday we start packing the car with everything that'll fit, and wait for our friends to visit (depending on the weather (which is supposed to be "not bad"), and whether or not there is anything left for them to sell for us once we're out of state. Other than that, we just got to try not to watch the clock. Also going to try and enjoy the end of one chapter with happy anticipation of beginning the next, in Texas.


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