Tuesday, November 1

Slower DSL since Fri night

We have had DSL going on 4 years. Have had at least 4 different technicians come to our place over the years and check things out. Not *once* did they say we needed to have phone line filters on our phones. Same when talking to DSL technicians on the phone.  They always ask if we do and I always said no. Today, after we got our new modem (technicians could not find anything else wrong),  I called to tell them that the new modem did not change our DSL speed. The phone tech said that he believed that after we put the filter(s) on our speed would magically be what it's supposed to be (1.5 Mbps). Apparently nobody thought it important to mention that we should have filters on the phone lines, now I see that is because we don't need them. *sigh* By the way, the last speed test showed results of 0.95 Mbps a minute ago. Earlier I was getting speeds of 0.35-0.49 Mbps. Frustrating.


Anonymous said...

Welcome to my world.
I think it is funny that we got DSL available here beforee you guys got it there. But Our DSL brings our speed up too about the speed you guys were getting with dial-up. Okay, okay it was a *little* faster than your dial-up but your dial-up was twice as fast as ours was; we were lucky to get over 30 on our 56k.
In the meantime, every Website has become so dynamic and so many have streaming commercials that it make it hard to do anything like read the news, let alone surf.
We have to use the filters but we only have one phone outlet in the whole house. If a phone and a modem do not share the outlet, it does not need a filter.

Todd said...

I couldn't make the phone tech understand that techs have ran a separate line from the phone box to a jack just for the DSL modem and that there is another line from the phone box to another jack just for the phone. A jack for each. Don't think it's that hard to understand.

Anonymous said...

It isn't that hard to understand but it apparently is not scripted and so they do not understand how to respond..
They are NOT aware