Thursday, February 12


    When the alarm went off this morning I was not a person wanting to hear it. Despite being certain that I would be returning to bed after getting home from my morning delivery of my son to class, I have managed to avoid doing so. I've had a bowl of oatmeal (instant, for what it matters), cleaned the litter box, did a few dishes, brewed a pot of coffee, and as you can see, written a little bit. As for the rest of the day? No clue.

    A few of my friends are having bad times with life right now. A couple dealing with pain, a couple dealing with legal issues, and even more from my support group with MS who're struggling some as well. And though I have my own issues, somehow they don't seem as important as my friends and theirs. So, if any of you are reading this, know that I am sending you my heartfelt wishes that your difficult times be brief and the outcome be even better than you could've imagined.


Lee said...

I don't think anyone's issues are more important than anyone elses! What is Eldin studying?

Todd said...

How about more important right now?

He is studying to get his GED. It seems as though every place that hires people either wants one of those or a high school diploma, so...