Thursday, February 19

Appointment day and hobbies

Went to my appointment with the neuro, just like I said I had an appointment for when I wrote to you on my last post on the 17th. Well, as expected, nothing new to report. That's not completely true, as I did find out that the paperwork that he faxed to the company that'll set-up my receiving of the Ampyra didn't get received by the company like he thought. He talked to the representative at the company while I was there and she said that they didn't get anything, or at least there was no record of it, so she gave him different fax # to send it to. Upon looking the paperwork, he noticed that it was missing some of my insurance info, so he surmised that may have been a problem; perhaps the reason that I had not heard anything from said company. But, he did make sure that all the lines for info on me were filled-out, faxed it (again?), and once again we wait. I was going to talk with him about possibly upping the dosage of my antidepressant, but he was insanely distracted with phone calls from other patients in crisis mode, so I just let it go. Same thing about the med I don't think is doing shit. Basically, he was crazy busy, so I didn't add to the craziness. I did get one prescription refilled though; the one I have to be seen first before he can refill it.

Then we went to visit with my daughter and her boyfriend. We watched some TV, I got a haircut (really just buzz cut), had some pizza that they ordered from Domino's Pizza, watched TV and talked, then came home.

I was *certain* before I got out of bed this morning that I would be returning to bed for a couple of hours after I got home from taking my son to class. Once I had been up for a while though, driving and such, I decided not to go back to bed. Why? I'm not real sure. Just felt that I had already been in bed for 10 hours, so it probably wouldn't be good (healthy?) to add more. There was a time just a few years ago when 8 hours was enough bed time, but since then it has increased because I just don't have that much important shit to do. It's not like I have my own property to improve, nor do I have the motivation or money to do much tinkering on things around this rental. So, when I'm not on the computer, phone, grocery shopping, driving my son back and forth to class, or going to the Y for exercise class, I don't have a lot to do. Oh sure, I could read, but haven't gotten back into that since Xmas. Last week I tried, I really did, to get into crocheting, but I just don't seem to have the dexterity or motivation to do it. The needles and yarn aren't going anywhere, so there is always the chance I'll 'get er done' one of these days.
Thinking of hobbies the other day though, I remembered that as a young lad, very young (early teen), I used to build auto models. Been thinking about trying that again, for a couple of years, but haven't. Seems my procrastination has become quite engrained. Well, I should eat something, like a bowl on instant oatmeal. Talk to ya later! Todd


Bubblie Hope said...

Well, if the motivation isn't there for crochet, then that makes it hard to want to do it LOL - no worries!! I was just thinking about models for you (building them... not runway models lol) Definitely search for a hobby that makes you happy and brings a sense of fulfillment! <3 Maybe wood working? Then you can carve me a yarn bowl :D LOL or clay? Then you can make me a yarn bowl :D Or maybe even paper crafts... then you can make me a yarn bowl! :D (seeing a pattern here? lol)

Todd said...

NO, I'm not seeing any pattern. What're you talking about? Oooh, maybe I just missed something. Hmmm... LOL

Bubblie Hope said...