Friday, February 20

Where to put my writing

Sitting here trying to decide if I want to write a blog post (obviously that was my first thought), write in my journal (something positive for today), or just continue doing what I have been doing all afternoon (reading Facebook & myMSteam posts, checking for email on my phone. Or going to the kitchen for food or a drink). I usually don't write in my blog unless I have *something* that I think won't make me sound utterly boring. Still thinking. Lol. By writing "lol" it may be assumed that I actually laughed out loud, meaning that I must be fun. Or does it mean that I hope that you'll laugh because you'll find what I said amusing? That's it right there. Kind of like when Larry, The Cable Guy says, "I don't care who you are, that right there is just funny!" Writing something positive in my journal that was accomplished today would be good too. I would write that we now have enough food to get us through until payday, which will hopefully be next Friday, because I went and picked it up this afternoon. The last choice of writing nothing, too late for that one.

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