Sunday, February 15

Mobile Application first try

I just downloaded this application so that I can write a blog post on my phone. Since this is the very first day with the application, I have no idea what or how to change any settings. Like an auto-save. Do the settings made on the PC at the site apply? Let's hope so.

Read a few reviews while the download was in process. One was that there was no separation of paragraphs once posted to blogger. This is another paragraph.

This is another one. It's now 25 minutes after 2 PM. I should probably eat some food. More than likely it'll be a packet of instant, flavored oatmeal that I'll cook in the microwave for one minute and thirty seconds.

Okay, first post written and ready to send. "Talk" to you later.


Bubblie Hope said...

I like your banner!

Todd said...

Thank you. Designed it myself. :)