Wednesday, April 15

Animal shelter, applications, appointment

Galux and Hedwig

Today we took Hedwig and Galux to the animal shelter. It was so sad when I walked around and said, "Hi" to all the dogs, cats, and kittens already there. Not only did I say hi, but I also apologized for the having to be put there in the first place. That being said, this particular shelter has a pretty good adoption rate. The two cats we took in last month were adopted in about two weeks after we dropped them off. YAY!
From there we got gas because we'll be driving to an appointment with a doctor/nurse an hour from here tomorrow. Stopped into Wally World to get a few things, and Rain attempted to fill-out an application for work on one of their touch-screen things. She stopped before finishing because the screen wasn't cooperating with her touches and it frustrated the hell out of her. I told her if it's getting to her that badly, quit and do it later, or stop in to customer service and get one she could fill-out at home (we didn't). Before Wally World we stopped into Lowe's and found out she could apply for work on-line, so that's what she'll be doing next. We're hoping that wherever she gets hired will give her a proof-of-employment note so she can qualify for a car-loan so she won't have to drive the gas guzzling van very long.
I started uploading the 7-minute video to YouTube an hour and a half ago - it's 47% done.

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Lee said...

I bet those 2 cuties will get adopted quickly. And good luck to Rain in the job hunt.